About 20 years ago, I became interested in spaces inside the home that had a step down.  Just one or two steps down, to a more dramatic room design.  In the 70's, these rooms had a modern feel to the with contemporary pictures illustrated in this era, couples having small parties. How fun!   While designing my home on Coshatt Trail in 1999, I considered adding this to my plan.  However, in determining the cost associated with a small step down was a great deal more cost than I expected. Since that time,  I have continued to admired this architectural detail in other homes that I have visited.  I have found there were several architects in Vestavia and Mt. Brook that used this idea in their home designs in the late 60's, 70's and some in the 80's.  Referred to as a "sunken den".  I asked my husband as he walked  through the kitchen, if he remember the homes with "sunken den" and he laughed and said, "I remember those Vestavia Hills homes from the late 60's & 70's".
  As most of you know, my daughter, Savannah,  has been in college in London for the past three years. So,  when "The Holiday"  movie came out,  I fell in love with this movie!  English Holiday's!  Wow! I would like to trade homes for a week or two with someone in another country.  Wouldn't you?
Out of the movie, "The Holiday",   This beautiful Beverly Hills home with a "Sunken Den"