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Action Plan

Posted by Stella Esdale on Tuesday, January 3, 2012, In : Design and Real Estate 

We all realize that we need an action plan to make a change. But if your like me, you may seem to be  always be flying by the seat of your pants.  So this leads me to one of my new years resolution.  Make a Plan!   A Plan to organize each room, one at a time.   Get  all those many, many books and magazines in the right place, not cluttered.   Remove everything from my attic, Drake has asked for a media room in the attic.  This small request might just take the whole year to accomplish!  One o...
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12 Things Entrepreneurs Should Be Thankful For

Posted by Stella Esdale on Monday, January 2, 2012, In : Design and Real Estate 

12 Things Entrepreneurs Should Be Thankful For

1. Customers.

2. Getting to pick the exceptional people we work with.

3. An opportunity to add value, big or small, to people's lives.

4. Not having to ask permission to try something crazy.

5. The patience and understanding of our family and friends — especially when we likely don't deserve it.

6. Receiving payment for value delivered. There's no feeling like it.  

7. The joy of seeing a sliver of light after some dark, dark, days.

8. The free...

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Realtor - Interior Designer

Stella Trott Esdale Realtor - Interior Designer Remax Advantage - Residential and Commercial Real Estate Room Service Unlimited - Design and Home Staging As a life resident of Birmingham Alabama, I know and understand the real estate market Understanding the way a person lives and works is both interesting and important to me. I love getting to know my clients and helping them achieve their hopes and dreams. It is great feeling of accomplishment for me to know my clients are loving the homes where they choose to live and that I have in a small way helped.


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