Have you been thinking about a new home in the past few months, just not sure if it was the right time, not sure if the prices were low enough. Were you putting off the inevitable need for better or larger space for your family to live and play. Were you wishing for the perfect home? There are a lot of new and positive things happening in Birmingham. Now is absolutely the best time in the past 5 years to buy a new home. Interested rates are still low and you can get a great home at a great value! Enough about that! If you could move anywhere in Birmingham, where would you move? Email me: stella.esdale@gmail.com or facebook.com/stella.esdale your  comments to me. I would love to know what you are thinking, wishing and hoping! Check out this great place that is available today. Are you interested? Seriously, this is a drawing, but the plans are ready and this can be built for you using all your favorite things in Vestavia HIlls, $499,000.