As we all hear everyday in the newspaper, TV, Internet, the economy is difficult for everyone and I am so ready for us to look forward set new hopes and dreams again. New Personal Goals, with less stress and more time to enjoy our families, our homes and our everyday life. When I was younger, I had a list of the 5 personal dreams that I wanted to accomplish, these were very big ideas at the time. Especially for me, a ministers daughter in Chelsea. I wanted to visit Paris, take a Safari in Africa, Learn to Play the Piano, etc. The last item on that list, is still on my list. I have a new goal this year to take lessons and really learn to play the piano. But the other items on my list have all been accomplished and this year, I have 5 new goals. One of the first items is a trip to Italy for cooking school. As I am researching for the perfect place in Italy, I came across a beautiful place, Hotel in Pietra, Sassi in Matera, Italy. This place makes me want to find a way to go there as soon as possible! Care to join me?

The 1003 has a canopy stone bed, the old staircase once used to reach the church tower, unchanged in the time, and now used to reach a panoramic terrace with a wonderful scenery of the Sassi.