Tonight I am was reminded why I love living in Vestavia Hills.  I was telling my husband, on our return from a meet and greet for "Chip McCallum" (at the Dean and Gwin's),  how Chip spoke with great resolution and heart on every issue.  How refreshing!    Chip is running for the House of Representative of District 47.   Chip is the son of Dr. Scottie McCallum, former mayor of Vestavia.  Dr. McCallum served the City of Vestavia for 8 years and gladly returned his salary each year back to our schools.  When you are raised in a family with these beliefs, you know that these values  build son's with  great character.    When Chip spoke tonight, I was able to see the kindness and love he has for the people in this area.   How he wants to bring back the Hwy 31 Corridor and make it a place where everyone want to go!   Chip spoke about not accepting Pact monies and how he wants to be transparent and make decisions that are good for our area and our families without being committed to large groups.  I believe He will vote with great integrity and honesty on the issues of our district and our state. 

I have always voted in the elections.  But now I feel compelled by Chip's love for this community and commitment to public service,  to be active and participate in his  campaign.    I truly believe he is the absolute best candidate for  District 47 regardless!