Starting a blog today, where to do I start? It is an amazing morning, early and quiet. Not so complicated, yet! A time to think and pray for others, to assimilate the plan for Today and to be thankful for all we have been given! Missing Savannah, my daughter, who is studying Men's wear fashion in London. (She has been home sick this week, the song of the week by Michael Bluble', "Home" This blog is for the person that loves looking at home, from the outside to the amazing inside living space so individualized by the persons that creates their space , the persons that lives in the space with things (furniture, art, books,life etc., and the children that live and grow with them. I am definitely one of those people! As a Realtor, I see many different homes everyday, they are all shapes and sizes. As a designer, Sometimes we find great design, function and family living where the family income is low and the space is small. I love it when this happens. Some days, there are beautiful mansions and some days there are foreclosures. The in between is the best. Homes only come alive when people are living there. Yesterday, my sister Teresa and I were in Alabaster and we came across this home with all the fun and laughter the fall season exemplifies. Thought for today: " Friendship isn't a big thing... it's a Million little things. "